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We are web design company offering unique services to those who need small presentation websites for their companies.

When it comes to web design, we turned “affordable” into “free”! GET your FREE website today…

Power of colors

Let us add some colors to your company online presence with a professional, high quality website design!

All you have to do is to take action. What you’re waiting for? Sign up for a plan to get your free website design!

free website design

Get a FREE website
We offer free web design and domain name. You pay the hosting.

Choose a free web design

free web designYou can choose one of the free web design templates prepared for you, or you can send us your own template and we will integrate it within the website.

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Choose a hosting package

web hostingChoose a hosting package that meets your business needs. Depending on your website and company size, you will need more or less resources from the server.

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Send us the website details

website detailsFill in the form and give us as many information about your desired website. We will customize the chosen design with the content you provide.

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Free Website? What’s the catch?

Many people become suspicious or reserved when it comes to free services, especially when it’s about something pretty expensive somewhere else. Well, guess what? There is no catch and we are really offering free websites. All you have to pay is your own hosting. Also with the website you will get a free .com, .net or .org domain. YES, you heard right, we are offering also a free domain like your-domain.com. We DO NOT offer websites on subdomains of valanz.com like other free website services do.

Some web design companies offer free hosting but charge you for designing your website. Instead, we offer you free web design, but you have to pay the hosting. That’s simple!

free website design

What is included?

Domain Name Registration – We will register a .com, .net or .org domain on your individual or company name. If you want another extension, please contact us before you order.

Free Web Design – Choose one of the themes available on our website or provide us with a theme you like and we will customize it and integrate the content you will provide to us.

Search Engine Optimization – We know how important is your Google rank so we will make sure to offer you an optimized website.

Administrator Panel – Your website will come with an easy to use administrator panel from where you can update, modify or add content.

Security – Your website will use the latest scanners and firewalls to ensure an improved security and reduce the possibilities to be hacked.

Support – We will offer technical support and assistance whenever you will need it, via e-mail.

What you have to pay?

Depending on the website you wish to have, you need an appropriate hosting package. The only payment you will do is for your hosting! The price will be different, according with the chosen package.

Any questions?

Still not convinced we offer genuine free websites or you have some questions for us? Let’s see first if your answer is found on frequently asked questions list…

Have a question?

Please consult first our FAQ! If your questions don’t have an answer there, write us an e-mail!


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